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This easily movable desk is made for those who enjoy flexibility and comfort at home. Normal desks take up too much space and don't cater to your comfort - use this to work and browse from your couch, bed, or even standing up!

There are three layers of shelf space for added storage and decor. The top is completely adjustable to whatever height works best and goes up to three feet off the ground!

The top desk is spacious enough for a computer, coffee & croissant, and notepad. 

Set-up takes under 30 minutes, is extremely easy, and all tools are provided. 

One year warranty included!

Comes in three shades:

  • Pearl | White
  • Maple | Tan
  • American Walnut | Brown


We donate 10% of profits to STEMpower. They are bringing STEM education to east African nations. They currently have a heavy presence in Ethiopia, Kenya, and South Sudan.