About Us

Our Mission

Wanta is a design firm focused on creating and distributing innovative products for consumer consumption. We believe that people's lives should be enhanced by the same level of product engineering that enterprise corporations have access to. 

Our goal is to provide fun, interactive products that consumers love for the rest of their life. 

Three main product focuses:

  • Ease - Make our lives easier with products engineered to solve a common problem. 
  • TimeEvery day we encounter small quality of life problems. Over our lifetime, these small problems add up - imagine if we save ourselves 2 minutes per day? Over a lifetime, that adds up.
  • Delight - Every time we use a product, we want it to create a sense of satisfaction.

Questions? Contact us at info@wantashop.com

 Our Cause

We donate 5% of profits to STEMpower. They attempt to bring STEM education to east African nations. They currently have a heavy presence in Ethiopia, Kenya, and South Sudan. https://www.stempower.org/

 Our Team

Rob Walsh | CEO & Co-Founder

Rob Walsh has been the CEO at three Silicon Valley consumer-focused start-ups. One was acquired, one IPO'd, and another failed. Through all of these experiences, he has learned what works and what doesn't work within the consumer market.

Alex Fagan | Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

With a background in project management at Silicon Valley technology companies, Alex brings expertise in ensuring design success and product implementations.

Jonathan Lei | Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder

Jonathan brings design expertise that is unparalleled in the industry. An avid traveler, he has seen how other countries are making their home lives easier.